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Dr. Stankewitz feels that home care is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor in treatment success!

Oral Hygiene Q & A

I brush my teeth every day, so why do I need to have my teeth cleaned at the dentist?

Professional teeth cleanings are the most cost effective way to ensure your dental health. There are two foreign materials that form on your teeth.  One is plaque which is a soft film of bacteria which can be removed by tooth brushing.  The second material is calculus which is a hard but porous mineral deposit which harbors bacteria.  This hard deposit cannot be brushed off of your teeth and only a dentist has the tools necessary to safely remove it.  A continual buildup of bacteria harboring calculus will contribute to gum disease over time.  The symptoms of gum disease include bleeding gums, halitosis, and loose teeth.  

How often should I have my teeth cleaned at the dentist?

For patients with healthy teeth and gums, a professional cleaning every 6 months is acceptable.  Patients with evidence of gum disease demand more frequent cleanings.  Dr. Stankewitz can determine what frequency is best for you.

If I have gum disease, can it be cured by more frequent cleanings?

Once you have lost gum and bone tissue due to gum disease, it cannot be “cured” with more frequent cleanings.  In some cases these tissue losses can be regenerated but in general gum disease is irreversible.  This is why professional care is so important.

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